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"God's Amazing Grace"

At The Age of 16, After Many Years of illness, I was diagnosed With Hardning of The Arteries of My Heart and Brain. The Prognosies was That,I was Terminally ill.

After Years of strokes, being in coma's, And Kidney Failure. The Doctors Said I would Not Live to be 20 years of age. But Through God's Amazing Grace, And The Power of Prayer, I am 23 Years Old, Im still serving The Lord, My Faith is stronger than ever, And My Health is Wonderful.

I Give All The Glory To God, I Thank The Lord and Praise Him Everyday. And I Thank God for my Parents who Stood with me, As well as The Bishops And The Ravenna Church of God, Under The Leadership of Rev.W.Rex Hudson in Ravenna,KY. And My Many Friends In Southern Gospel Music,I Love You All Very Much.. Thank You All For The Prayers! I Learned I can NOT Live one Day without God or People Who Care.

Thanks & God Bless You All, Stacey Lyn James