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My Friends

This is Brent Snyder And The Awesome Cat, Aint That Cat Beautiful, Well Brent is to I guess lol, He Must Be I Named My Dog After Him LOLOL :-) (he May Kill me now) Nawh He's a Great Friend!
Brent Snyder & Stace,Brent is A Awesome Singer,He Travels Full time With his Dad And His Brother,They Are "Sons of The Father" (Brent is also A Very Good Songwriter)
Kim Walker And Her Man Ivan Parker (LOLOL She wishes Anyways)
Kym Starr And Oh My Look It's Jack Abbot,WOW!!!! LOL :-)
This is My Sweeeeeeet friend and Partner in crime Marie LOLOLOL!!!!! :-)
This is Some Very Special Friends from Ohio Keith Smith & His Family
Mark Gibbs,This is a Sweet friend from NC,He always Makes me Smile,What A Blessing he is! :-)
Ok Now Don't let This Pic Scare U To death ROTFLOL This is My Friend,SGM Legend LOLOL,Piano Playin "HAROLD TIMMONS" (HT) This Man is Owner of The SGM Chatroom where I've met all These wonderful Friends :-) Thank You HT!
Keith Smith & Kim Walker And Their Family,These Are So Sweet Folks!
What a HUNK! GOSH is he single???? rotflol! Tree Again Always smiling! Hey If Yall Dont' Have his New CD You NEEEEEEED it! WOW
Terry Renfroe Of Comman Garments & Me (Terry is a Huge Blessing to me, He and His Wife Teresa Are VERY special People to me, I Feel It's very Much a Blessing to Call Them My Friends :-) Please visit their site!
This is my friends the Stanleys who have a new video out. You can go to their Website and listen to them sing !!
This is my special little friend Julian Machann who sings with the Stanleys. Here she is all dressed up for a pageant (which she won) and then as a normal little 8 year old LOL. You can visit her Website and listen to her sing on the Stanleys, website.

More friends pictures